About Me

Random Fun Stuff:

I love:

  • 2×2 matrices (you’ll understand in my blog)
  • TLA’s (three letter acronyms)
  • Whiteboards – I even painted the main wall in my living room with whiteboard wall paint (ideapaint)
  • That I get to do something that I love!  Sometimes I’m not sure which I love more – running the classroom or running the company
  • Adventah!  Exploring new things, making sense of the world, and structuring / solving things in new ways that can help people
  • Walking the fine line between silliness and dorkiness
  • Believing in the best in others
  • Bacon – there’s a story behind it…

The Resume (Boring) Stuff:

  • Mechanical Engineering at MIT
  • Commercial Leadership Program at GE Energy
  • Mechanical Engineer at BMW Designworks
  • MBA at Harvard Business School
  • Consultant at Boston Consulting Group
  • Founded LaunchX on the side of consulting, still running
  • Previously an MIT instructor, Program Manager of High School Education at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, and Commander of ProtoWorks maker space

I founded LaunchX to fill a gap in the education system while also giving high school students the opportunity to explore their ambitions and creativity through creating something real. There’s not just one right answer to questions that will be given to you in life – coming up with the question is just as important as the answer, and starting a company is a great way to learn the resourcefulness, adaptability, and innovation to be relevant in the real world.  

The company has started by offering a unique summer opportunity at MIT where students start real companies during a 4-week residential summer program.  Students are guided through the business process of starting a company, supplemented with professional development skills training, and giving the mentorship and resources to start their companies while building the mindset and skills to be successful. launchx.com

We’ve developed an online course for aspiring entrepreneurs, called Becoming an Entrepreneur, available now on edX:  https://www.edx.org/course/becoming-entrepreneur-mitx-launch-x

I love being able to make an impact in so many students lives – building their skills and mindset through having them start real companies.  I hope through this blog more people feel inspired to follow their passions, are able to learn from my experiences starting my company and teaching entrepreneurship, and are one step closer to their goals.

Check out this page if you’re interested in having me speak or hold a workshop at an upcoming event.

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