Check out my previous post about how to setup a maker space.  When you’re ready to do budgeting, the below can serve as a guide for a cost-effective maker space.  As you’ll see, the biggest contributor to initial setup costs are the “premium items” like a laser cutter and 3D printer.  More intensive maker spaces may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on high-end prototyping machines in this category.

The below list includes links to where these items can be purchased.

Total for this cost-effective maker space: ~$7,650 (not including space, ventilation, workbenches, seating, and initial materials)

Premium Items ($6,020.70)

Bench Tools (optional) ($504.97):

Electronics ($188.54):

Other Tools ($505.83):

Measurement / Clamping ($243.64):

Cleaning ($43.78):

​Other ($144.23):

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